great smog in delhi

Great Smog in Delhi is like a pollution that this planet is suffering from every day. It has affected our homes, weather, and health. It is a very dangerous situation for us if we do not do anything about it. Smog pollution is caused by chemicals, automobiles, factories, and corporations.

The capital of India Delhi is suffering from great smog in Delhi everywhere in the city and its create so many health-related problems such as Asthma, breathing problem, skin damage, cancer and many more serious health problems.we should aware the people do try much-polluted motor vehicle, don’t burn garbage, polluted crackers.

it is only possible if we should understand the consequences of smog and aware the people.

Report of Great Smog in Delhi


The level of the harmful Particulate Matter 2.5 was above 300 in all parts of Delhi. It was above 600 in many areas like Punjabi Bagh, where PM 10 was also above 800. In addition, AT Indira Gandhi Airport, PM 2.5 is record at 355. These numbers indicate Delhi’s pollution level at severe and hazardous.


As pollution level in Delhi leading to low visibility, road, rail and air traffic affected .The greatest thing we can do as a society is trying to find a way to help prevent and stop smog pollution. If the people on this planet do not do anything to stop smog pollution we are going to have a BIG problem and it will hurt us in the future. We need a plan and we need to put a stop to smog pollution. The American Lung Association (ALA) has been trying to find ways to help stop and prevent smog pollution from hurting us and the environment.

great smog in delhi

The pollution is also know as photochemical smog. It is form by the interaction with sunlight with different types of chemicals in earth’s atmosphere. In addition, the main component of smog pollution or photochemical pollution is ozone. Ozone is in the earth’s stratosphere, which the shields the earth from dangerous UV radiation from the sun. Furthermore, the problem with ozone is when it touches down on the earth’s surface it can be very dangerous and can cause serious health problems for people on the planet.


great smog in delhiSmog affects Road, Rail, Air Traffic

Visibility on Wednesday went down to as low as 50-70 metres in some areas, forcing many office goers to turn back home. Reports say trains to and from Delhi were facing delays due to low visibility on tracks.

Schools shut

great smog in delhi

The primary school in Delhi is shut down by Arvind Kejriwal government to protect children from polluted air.

Fog or smoggreat smog in delhi

With a  sudden dip in the temperature and Delhi feeling the winter chill, many argued that low visibility was due to fog and not smog. Many people also complained of irritation in their eyes and cough, making experts believe that it was smog.

In other areas of North India like Punjab,  people  divide on whether it is fog or smog.  Moreover, School children in Punjab’s Ludhiana said they witnessed water droplets in the early morning hours, indicating it was smog.