Global Warming

Global Warming is the biggest problem in all over the world which everyone knows especially our kids and children as they are the future.

Let our kids and children are going to school and learn about the causes and solutions and prevention of global warming.

Global warming is the major atmospheric issue in all over the world. The earth becoming heat day by day by trapping the sun and raise the level of carbon dioxide.

The bad effect increase dad by day to causes a serious health problem such as skin problems, breathing problems, and so many other health-related problems.

We should need to awareness, campaigning of causes, solution, an effect of global warming. People should come together and try to solve it in order to save the climate change and life on the earth.

Pollution is the major effect of global warming

global warming

Pollution is the biggest problem in all over the world in modern time. Its effect us in all aspects such as socially, physically, mentally. Contamination of the natural environment gives birth to lots of diseases which make a human being weak as physically and mentally.

Most of the people are don’t aware the pollution even they do not how to create pollution. Moreover, the problem is increase day by day because of a developed new industry.

In addition, Pollution is not only the problem of developing or underdeveloped countries.

It is the problem of an entire world. So we need put hands together for control it. If it not taken under control then it causes the whole universe to a great extent in future. Pollution is getting to increase a level of pollution of air, pollution of water, pollution sound.


global warming

There are a number of vehicles running on the road that cause air pollution and a number of factories cause water pollution. So it needs limitation over all the causes of environmental pollution.






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