happy new year 2018

We are going towards in 2018 and say bye bye 2017 on 1 Jan midnight 12’O clock. People are great excitement, enthusiasm, and so much fun. The new year signifies that the time has arrived to bid farewell to the Bye-Gone year and to welcome the Happy New Year 2018. The celebration of new year in all over the world. firstly the New Year celebration in Newzealand Because the GMT of Newzealand is advance to other countries. It is a special day and people starts the Preparations and new year celebrations many days earlier. People are a plan to New Year celebrations in different ways in  Many countries.

Some are going to church, temple, Gurudwaras to the start the new year. some are going to a hill station to start the new year. people start the new year with new excitement, new thinking, quit bad habits and adopt good habits, Future plans in 2018. After finish the Christmas celebration, people are waiting for the celebration of 31ST night.  Moreover, on this day people send wishes vis Sms, greeting cards, Social media messages, the New year 2018 images with quotes, New Year quotes 2018, New year message and Happy New Year  2018 Status, Chinese new year holiday 2018, 2018 wallpaper, the lunar year 2018 calendar, happy new year images animation images and moreover, lunar new year etc.

Happy New Year 2018 Greetings by Social media and Celebrations

happy new year 2018

Today its a modern era, generation is advance day by day with new technologies and technologies plays a vital role in our daily life. They wish to messages by social media like facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and so on. In addition, Different communities are celebrating the new year in different ways. Most of the people not in India especially in American celebrate the new year with lost of events, parties, disco, bar, and fireworks in midnight. The family members take participate in home decoration, new years lights, toys. Some people cut the new year cake at midnight.

some of the youngsters roaming with their friends or loving one and enjoy that day. If you have any experience regarding so please comment

Interesting and some unknown facts about New year

  • January is named after Janus, The God with two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward.
  • The first new year celebrated 4000 years by ancient Babylonians
  • In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII introduced Gregorian and calendar and marks January 1st as the new year.
  • The Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar based on 365 days.
  • Moreover, Ancient Persians gave new year gifts of eggs which is the symbol of productiveness
  • New Year is the time when many people traditionally make resolutions to break bad habits or start good ones.
  • The most common New Year resolution is None other than to Lose Weight
  • In Italy people wear Red underwear on new years day to bring good luck all year long

Happy New Year 2018 to all my viewers

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