united states of america

The United States of America is the  most diverse and strong economies in the world. One of the top country in the world who has a large number of army and modern war equipment. The topmost country who had conquered the world of internet, social sites, and entertainment industry.

I think you already guess it what am telling about the powerful country in the world That name is the United States of America. America is the top country in every field like technology, Entertainment, Air crafts, Army equipment, strongest economic, environmental.

History Of United States Of America

In talking about area, USA is the fourth largest country and third most population. Approx 325 million people that live in 50 different American states. The capital of America is washing D.C. and the economic capital is Newyork and it is the second most beautiful and entertaining place by tourist. Furthermore, The USA is the permanent member of United Nationa Security Council. It is the first superpower country and also first to develop nuclear weapons. Moreover, it is also the member of the United Nation, World bankOrganization of American states and also International Monetary Fund. It is the top in the entertainment wrestling and sports and also in business economies in corporate world

The President of America Donald Trump has message to the independent government called” On The People For The People And By The People


united states of america


Strongest Military in the world

The defense budget of America is $613.6 billion. Moreover 7500 nuclear warheads disposal. The training camps, training exercise, advanced technologies, strong economy and size of the army that is the main factor for the strongest nation.

6 Most advance weapons by the USA that game changer to other other countries

1 Hel MD Photon Cannon

The weapon is used for destroying high range missiles and UAVs

2 Laser Weapon System

Weapon is used for robust capacity to punch holes through enemy UAVs by photobeam

3 Experimental EM Rail Gun

It is used for avoids the need for an explosion oriented setup and a range of more than 200 km.

4 BAE’s Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System

It is a high precision rocket system as well as a semi-active guided mechanism and

also known as point or shoot mode. Moreover, it also includes Land, Sea and air-based target with 93 accuracies.

5 Tracking Point Precision Guided Firearm Series

This is very intelligently to find the targets with many eyes rolled and brows raised with powertrain of a laser rangefinder

6 MQ-8C Fire Scout UAV

It is advanced US Navy helicopters that specialist for flight controls, advanced data link scope, progressive take-off landing techniques. Moreover the game changer for special and short missions

Biggest Agricultural Sector

The United States of America is the biggest in the field of the Agricultural sector since last many years. The major achievements Of the USA in the agricultural sector are following below

  • Large Produce of milk in the world
  • largest maize and wheat producer
  • largest potato and also Samuel fruit producer
  • Moreover, Largest producer of so-called MNO seeds
  •          united states of america

Top 10 Best Cities to live and quality life in the USA

  1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  2. Iowa City, Iowa
  3. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  4. Bismark, North Dakota
  5. Palo Alto, California
  6. Boulder, Colorado
  7. Santa Barbara, California
  8. Madison, Wisconsin
  9. Bellevue, Washington
  10. Rochester, Minnesota

All the above cities have the great school and entertainment contributions, hospital, good environment, quality life, Modern techniques of health care, amusement parks.

cities are surrounded by green lay parks and good clean roads. They have banks, telecom companies it is good for economic growth

Top 10 Landmarks in the United States

  1. The Las Vegas Strip
  2. The Hollywood Sign, California
  3. The USS Arizona Memorial
  4. The Grand Canyon
  5. The Hoover Dam
  6. The Mount Rushmore
  7. The Independence Hall
  8. The Golden Gate Bridge
  9. The Statue of Liberty
  10. The National Mall, Washington D.C.
  11. These Places are the landmark of USA

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