police station

Changes in Police Station

That the Police department or Police Station is mean for the welfare of society and ensuring the maintenance of law and order situation in the country adherely. In addition, Public seek the assistance of police to get their genuine grievances redress under the framed law.

police station

If the police do not act for the welfare of public/society properly and create partially in its functioning with some ill-motives, who will trust/repose on police and get justice. I don’t mean to say that the whole police department is wrong.

Moreover, some officer is working honestly and winning laurels from time to time for their excellent functioning.

I also suggest him the Hon’ble prime minister of India to issue orders for installation of CCTV cameras in all the police stations

So the public may visit the police stations beyond fear to get their grievances register and resolve and no ordinary man may have blackmailed at the hands of police.

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